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Personalised modelling is the ideal way of creating unique projects. We do all the work in house, which includes designing a concept, manufacturing the tools, production, graphics, and comprehensive decorative services. A dedicated project manager will help to make concepts come to life, by guiding the client through each step of the process and providing advice on choosing the best style, materials, and presentational options. We will create an original project which will emphasise the character of the brand involved.


Everything begins with a mock-up... Before we start a project, we carry out a reliable survey to find out what the client cares about the most, so that our inspirations are consistent with their concept. Every element of tea packaging created by our designers is the fruit of intensive searching for new solutions. Our efforts to find the most up-to-date solution are the source of our unlimited creative potential.

a 3d solid model

Bech Packaging works on 3D projects, using fast prototyping systems. This means that the company thinks and works in three dimensions. During the design process, we create a variety of possibilities, giving you a quick overview of the various design options. We come up with ideas for solids, thanks to 3D printouts, which allows for standard and personalised packaging elements to land on our desk very quickly. This offers a tangible insight into the particular design, before making a decision to start up mass production.

the final product

The final stage in the process is when the client receives functional packaging manufactured in compliance with the highest standards, and meeting their requirements. Our activities are driven by passion and a sense of responsibility for the success and development of our customers. Our goal is to ensure that this final stage brings as much satisfaction as possible to the customers, and that all our meticulousness contributes to an increase in the sales of the final product.


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