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The history of Bech Packaging begins in the mid-1950s, when Frank Bech founded a company under the name Scanbech. Although the name has changed, Bech Packaging still remains a family business.


We specialise in the production of packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries. We have at our disposal a wide range of basic products, but, if this isn't enough, we have a strong design department and tool-room for creating unique products. The equipment and manufacturing materials used in Bech Packaging meet the required standards, and our products are always of the highest quality. We create durable, interesting, and customised packaging, thus creating market trends

research and developlment

Research and development have always been a major part of our success. The research-and-development centre is located in Poland, and it is supported by the internal-moulding department. Our team of professionals is geared up to provide you with the best solutions in the field of individual product design, mould making, and packaging production. We also provide professional advice on the filling process. The many years of experience gained by Bech Packaging have helped us to become the leader among packaging designers.

the environment

We consider it absolutely right for any organisation to take action to improve living conditions in the world now and for future generations to come. At the current rate of technological development, disregarding the natural environment will be disastrous. We want to make a concrete contribution on this important issue. That is why we at Bech Packaging undertake extensive direct and indirect actions for the protection of our environment, which is manifested, inter alia, in

  • the reduction in the consumption of raw materials by scaling down the weight of our products,
  • by using the knowledge and experience of our employees, and by employing modern technologies in the construction and production of packaging
  • the reduction in production waste, through continuous improvements to the production process, awareness, and motivation of employees.
  • the cutting down on electricity consumption, by means of a continuous process of increasing the stock of machine tools, and enhancing the efficiency and broadly-defined optimisation of the technological process
  • the optimisation of the supply chain.
  • the use of polymers of plant origin (“I am green”) in the production process
  • the use of PCR raw materials
  • the building of awareness and knowledge of the necessity to sort household waste, from an early age, by organising presentations in kindergartens and primary schools.

We build environmental awareness among our employees at all levels of the Bech Packaging organisation. We are convinced that it is right to act in a good cause.


Responsibility for our customers’ success and taking part in their development owing to modern design of our packaging as well as understanding and satisfying the agreed expectations.

Systematic and consistent improvement of planning methods and process implementation. Continuous enhancement of the integrated management system in the manufacturing of packaging aimed at satisfaction of needs and expectations of our customers, employees and interested parties with simultaneous consideration and respect for the environment and health and safety. 

Responsible capital management. Application of knowledge and experience and raising employees’ competence at all organization levels. Enabling the development of the applied technologies and providing resources necessary for the functioning of the management system.

Implementation of processes while meeting the commitments on environmental protection and improving environmental performance with respect to packaging production. Raising environmental awareness among our Employees and Customers and sharing experiences in this area.

Implementation of processes based on current regulations and good health and safety practice. Consistent limitation of health and safety-related risks and threats. Providing employees with safe, hygienic and comfortable working environment. Participation of the company’s employees in creating the health and safety management system.




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